East of England's Azalea and Camellia Specialists for 40 years



Company Profile


Blofield Nurseries is a family owned and run company. Established on the present site in 1970 by Mike Ellerbrook. John is the third generation of the family, he is now in charge of the day to day running, and would be your contact for any enquiries.

Our Plants

Blofield Nurseries produce rooted cuttings, P11 liners, P9 liners and 2 litre shrubs. The nursery specialises in Azalea, Camellia and Dwarf/Hybrid Rhododendrons. We have a standard soil mix that we use, we mix this on site. It is a peat based mix with bark. It contains everything that the plant needs. It also contains intercept so that there are very few pests that can harbour in the plants.

Rooted Cutting

P9 liner

P9 Liner

P11 liner

P11 Liner

2 litre shrub

2 Litre Shrub



Our Nursery

Our Nursery is on one site situated on the outskirts of Blofield village, near Norwich. The site consists of 4.2 hectares, with hedging on its boundaries. There are three main areas of glass, a propagation house, and various stock areas, some are covered another is planted up in a wooded area. The conservation wood was planted in 1986 on an area to the east of the site.


There is an outside stock area and a tunnel housing the Camellia stock plants, the wood has also been planted up with stock plants, thus making us self sufficient. We are still doing trials on some new Camellia varieties, for which we have the sole rights. 


The plants are delivered by nursery transport on Danish trolleys across Europe.