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Camellias are some of the most well-known and widely grown winter flowering shrubs, providing a vivid splash of colour when the garden could otherwise look rather drab and washed out.

Camellias are among the most popular flowering evergreen shrubs. They are ideal for patio tubs or most places in the garden.

We offer a very large range of camellias, over 40 varieties. We are also developing a range of Cold Hardy Camellias that has many interesting new varieties of camellia that can withstand temperatures as low as 5 Fahrenheit. We are the only nursery in Europe to have many of these varieties.

We propagate two types of camellia cuttings. Single leaf cuttings that are rooted in a 40mm cell, 104 cells per tray. Top cuttings that are rooted in a 50mm cell, 51 per tray. These are ready for dispatch from January onwards. These are only available to the wholesale market.

We have a large range of one year old camellias in 11cm pots. These camellias are ready from mid august onwards. Our camellia range in 9cm and 2 litre pots is limited to 6 varieties in each size. There are red, pink, white and bi-colour available in both sizes from mid august onwards.

Practical camellia advice
Ideally your camellia should be planted in dappled shade on a sheltered site. Avoid a site that catches early sun on frosty mornings, as a quick thaw will damage some camellia flowers. Camellias prefer acidic soils, so before planting fork in well rotted organic material, such as pine litter or bracken.

If you feel that the soil types in your garden is not suitable for camellias then consider growing them in a container. Garden centres supply loam-based ericaceous composts suitable for camellias. If this is unavailable then a bark-based or peat based ericaceous compost will make a suitable alternative.


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